Consulting Services

Pishgaman group can help your organization with recognizing main reasons of conflicts between different departments in your company about the following items & evaluating process skillfully.

Pishgaman Co. with skillful & expert personnel recognizes & analyzes the problems in tactical parts of management & also assessing operations as below. Furthermore, it leads you to use its instructing & administering services.

In fact, if organizations achieve consultation about following parts, they can take advantage of Pishgaman Co.'s services more:

Compiling strategic program

Technical & economic studies

Commercial studies

Industrial psychology & organizational cultural models

Consulting IT systems

Evaluating of implementing management standards needed

Evaluating efficiency of organization

Evaluating efficiency of financial systems

Evaluating efficiency of production systems

Evaluating efficiency of human resources systems

Evaluating efficiency of supplying systems

Evaluating efficiency of commercial systems

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