Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main goal of Pishgaman Saman Management Services Co.?

To give management consulting services in order to reengineer oraganizations

what are Pishgaman’s tools to reengineer organizations?

Pishgaman Co. believes that the most useful tool to reengineer is human resources inside the organization. The experts’ role of Pishgaman Co. is to plan and coordinate between different parts in organizations for achieving said goal.

In which organizations’ operations, Pishgaman Co. contributes directly?

Experts of Pishgaman Co. contributes in different organizational domains just for coordinating departments. This is done by enforcing internal control department and also by positioning management accounting system.

Are the training services in Pishgaman Co. open to the general public?

Its training services are restricted to organizations which are making use of contractual management consulting services of the company.

What are the fields of inserted articles in this site?

Specialists of Pishgaman are constantly surveying last issued articles in strategic management, risk management, and internal controls; then chooses some of them and after that, inserts them in article page for the general public.

Does Pishgaman reply to applicants’ questions in management sciences?

Pishgaman’s experts will do their best to answer applicants based on its knowledge via email.
There is no need to say that said responses are just Pishgaman experts’ ideas and users are in charge of applying them.

Does Pishgaman Co. produce organizational softwares?

Piahgaman’s goal is not to produce software. But if available products of software companies do not meet customer’s needs properly, Pishgaman will act to produce complementary software which is suited to customer besides using available softwares in their organizations.

What are membership terms in this site? Does it have any charge?

The members are usually managers of different departments in organizations whose job or education is related to management subjects. Membership is free of charge.

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