Pishgaman Saman Management Co. was established with the use of past experience of its managers and experts in various fields of organizational management for reengineering and management consulting.

This company has joint to Iran Management Consultants Association (IMCA) officially which is a member of The International Council of Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

The company has got more than 60 personnel with different experiences who have been trained in related subjects.

Academic education levels of personnel are as follows:

• 20% 2-year postdiploma’s degree        • 60% bachelor's degree        • 20% master's degree

This group has trained and applied skilled staff in several fields to give qualified services. The workforce possesses below skills and experiences according to mentioned activities:

• Accounting

• Auditing along with identifying internal control weaknesses

• Managing specialized fields such as communications, human resources, planning organization and organizational structure, strategic management, risk management, instructing systems

• Industry engineering

• Software and hardware engineering

The performance sheet of the company's managers consists of their attending in diverse organizations for years. By interacting with professional associations in accounting, management consulting, informatics, industry and etc. And also with scientific references relating to giving administrative services, they are servicing with the purpose of using new scientific achievements in organizational management. Furthermore, the company is usually profited by consultants in different management sciences for supreme services.

Pishgaman Co. for attaining its perspective with practical strategies and using recent theoretical achievements in organizational management, is acting to create essential basics in organizations contracted which are as follows:

 Consulting about determining objectives and general organizational strategies

 Planning secondary strategies for achieving general strategies

 Planning appropriate organizational structure for administering expected strategies

 Creating operational budget patterns and following up un/favorable variance

 Presenting some techniques for removing weakness and optimum use of strength

 Making internal control systems in all aspects of organizational performance

 Giving specialized administrating services to accomplish projected strategies

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